Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Amazing Sharpener!

Where does time go? Ack! It's been so long since I blogged and I have so much to blog about...
First and foremost, I have had the privilege of using this incredible Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener in my classroom:

The kids use it daily and they love it. I also have an electric sharpener, but this little beauty gets used more, does a better job, and is preferred by everyone. (no exaggeration..I even have eighth graders coming down to my grade 3 classroom to use the "fancy" sharpener).

I completely and totally recommend it and will be purchasing a second one for my class. Good-bye electric sharpener!

When I asked the kids to review our user-friendly gadget this is what they said:

"It does a way better job than the other one, Mrs. Kelly"~ Beth

"My mom needs one of these!She's always yelling at her pencils because they break all the time." ~ Abbi

"Wow! My pencil is so sharp. I didn't know that pencils could be so pointy." ~ Logan

"The old sharpener was so noisy it gave me a headache. You can't even hear this one." ~ Michaela

At just $24.99 these sharpeners offer a lot of bang for your buck. Compared to my $60 Xacto electric sharpener this won wins hands down! The icing on my sharpener cake? I always have a bin of sharp pencils since it has become a much coveted classroom job...

Click the picture above to go to a link so that you, too, can purchase this fantastic sharpener!


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