Friday, February 03, 2012

Skeletons vs Nets

Sounds kinda like my son's fave game "Plants vs Zombies.." lol  This, however, was a math activity that I did with my 2/3s. We made a cube using toothpicks and little bits of plasticine (I have used mini marshmallows before and they also work really well) and a rectangular prism net from my math resource book. The kids had to assemble each shape. We talked about why one was called a skeleton...lots of talking in groups. The next day, the kids made a Venn Diagram in their Math Journals and compared them.
This was a challenge, as they had to use math language (edges, vertices, angles) so we made a diagram together to get started. Students could then either add more of their own ideas independently, or keep working with the group on ideas together.
My computer has decided to be difficult and won't let me upload the pictures I have of this activity. It turned out to be full of rich, hands-on learning. And, best of all, no injuries from the toothpicks!

Since I am unable to upload the real deal, here is a picture just to give you an idea. The prisms were made out of paper. Kids decorated them and then glued them together.

The skeleton cubes were made from toothpicks and plasticine.

What hands-on learning have you tried with Geometry? I'd love to hear about it!


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