Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspiring is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!

Today I "found" this truly amazing blog...

and I've been reading it all morning. If you haven't perused it yet,
I totally recommend that you do asap.
Yes, it is that awesomesauce.
I love so many things about my new obsession. For starters,
it is a conglomeration of a whole bunch of
fantastic bloggers who teach grades two and three. 
Next, each teacher blogger has included a bit about herself (no
himselves yet) and their life. Lastly, 
the freebies that are shared are inspiring, creative, and
exciting...Yes, exciting...I have drank three
coffees, kicked back and ENJOYED learning about each blogger on 
Owl-Ways Be Inspired.

Have you checked it out yet?


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