Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Happiness Advantage

Have you heard of or watched TED videos? If not, I recommend checking out their website. It features (short) videos of guest speakers on a variety of topics. Last week, a friend forwarded a link of Shawn Achor talking about his book/theory "The Happiness Advantage." He posits that instead of researching the reasons behind depression, anxiety and sadness, we should study what makes people HAPPY. At first I was skeptical...but I had a snow day so I figured I had nothing to lose and watched the twelve minute video. WOW! It was so inspiring that I then went on and downloaded the first chapter of his book "The Happiness Advantage" for free. I am hooked.

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Today, I am heading to town (45 km away) to purchase a copy of this book from Chapters. I will be reading and reviewing it. Honestly though, it looks refreshing and inspiring.

Here is the TED clip that I 100% recommend watching. Yes, it is just that good:

Is anyone familiar with "The Happiness Advantage" or Shawn Achor?

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