Thursday, July 21, 2011

ABCs of Grade 2/3

Voila...I have made a pamphlet/brochure to send home with my class on the first day of school. It has a catchy title and was made in a Scrapbook program that I picked up from a garage sale for five dollars. I've read MANY ABC brochures that were made by teachers-this is not my idea. However, I love it. Last year, I made a class handbook, but it was kinda bulky and time consuming. The brochure is colourful (and won't be expensive to photocopy in colour) and short...gotta love it :)
Here is a copy of my brochure.

I brainstormed one idea for each letter of the alphabet and then wrote a short description for each. The Scrapbook program was incredibly easy to use.



  1. That looks great! I started using one a couple years ago and my parents loved it!


  2. Thanks! It was lots of fun to make...I hope my parents like it...


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