Wednesday, August 07, 2013

B2S Treat Idea

Wellllll...maybe not a treat so much as a little gift for the kids...

Like everyone else, I have a tub of broken, dull crayons that seem
to grow each year. (you know; the ones that we pick up off the floor,
rescue from noses, stop from being eaten all year long). What to do with them??
This year, I've decided to try making these:

using the IKEA silicone ice cube heart trays I bought.
I have Googled and Pinterested (sp?) and, according to some very
adventurous bloggers, if I keep the heat at 220 or less, the trays WON'T
melt but the crayons will...worth a try!
So, here is my plan. I am going to make a multi-coloured crayon
for each child with a little colouring book. My "thing" is I {heart} t-shirts, of which I
have collected quite an assortment, so I made the cover of the
book in this theme. I plan on putting the book, crayon and magnet with
my information in a little bag for b2s in September.
Honestly, I've been doing little bags for the kids each year since 
I started teaching grade 2/3, but didn't think the kids really noticed.
Then, this June I had a parent approach me to tell me that her daughter 
(who I taught 4 years ago) still has the little gift I gave her at the
beginning of her grade 2! Wowza! So, I'll continue the tradition...

[this is the little colouring booklet I made] 

I should add that every year I do something different so that the kids
who I have taught already have something special and
the kids who have a sibling that I taught
have something brand new.

Do you have a B2S tradition that you do for your class? I'd love to 
hear about it if you do!

ps I will let you know how the crayons turn out!

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