Monday, August 15, 2011

Cranium Club Challenge

Awhile back I blogged about my new initiative, Mrs Kelly's Cranium Club, based on Jack of all Trades Brainiac Club. In a nutshell, Mrs Renz, a fourth grade teacher, created a Mastery Club for her class for all of the early finishers and kids who need that extra challenge. She made 84 questions in different categories including Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies. She also invited teachers to make their own clubs and now has a few thousand links. So, I decided to give it a try...especially after being inspired by Jack of all Trades.
I used the questions that other teachers posed as a starting point but changed them so that they reflect Ontario curriculum expectations and Canada (ie provinces instead of states, some spelling).
I plan on printing my Cranium Club Challenges on cardstock, which I purchased from Michaels at 3/$10 (cannot beat that) and posting them by my computer station. Kidlettes can complete the challenges on their free time or at home but MUST be able to recite the answers without reading them out of their Cranium Club Notebook. I am using Hilroy notebooks (the uber cheap 4/25 cents ones) for the answers and am in the process of designing a cute front cover. I am also going to shrink the challenges and glue them into the books so that the kids can have the questions with them at home, in the library etc. I haven't included links to sites on the cards because many kids in my class don't have computers, are on dial-up or aren't allowed to use them at home. I plan on showing the kids how to research using the computer lab at the school and will keep a list of links available in the classroom as we "find" them together. I think that showing them how to research is extremely important.
So, a huge THANK YOU to all who have inspired me to do on the picture to go to the document.
Grid to keep track of progress...a sticker or stamp will be added to corresponding challenge as it is successfully completed.
My Math Challenges
The person who started it all, Mrs Renz.

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  1. Thanks for referencing my site! Glad I could inspire you!:) Hope it works well for you too... you have a new follower!

    Good Luck this year, Keri!



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