Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Look~Same Blog

As I was perusing blogland, I noticed that a member had the same blog as me. Whoops-she has been blogging longer so I changed mine up. This time, I mixed and matched so I hope I avoid this faux pas in the future. Also, wanted to say "Welcome" to my new followers. I have to admit, however, that Leea at Set this Circus Down made my week! She very kindly featured my blog and is encouraging others to check it out. Thank you x 1 000 000!!
I have two of my besties visiting this weekend so don't know how much blogging I'll get done BUT I'll be back on Monday...or sooner (probably sooner as I love blogging).  :)

Before I sign off and get cleaning (lol), I thought I'd show a website that my kidlettes LOVED. It is part of the New York Zoos website and is called "Build Your Wild Self." Kids have an opportunity to add different body parts to a person to make a new "animal"-self. What I especially loved about this site is the description the kids are given at the end. A short paragraph about each chosen animal part is included as well as a new, made-up animal name. The image can be printed or copied and saved. I haven't yet figured out how to save as a jpeg as the site saves in a different format. As soon as I figure it out I'll update. I used this as a centre activity the last week of school and had two kids on computers at a time (that's the number of computers I have in my room). Kids then printed them and included them in their year-end scrapbook. FUN!

Baringo Giraffe horns - The Baringo giraffe is one of the largest giraffes in the world. Sometimes the horns of a baby giraffe are flexible and can be bent. It can take months for the baby horns to straighten out.

Fossa Ears - Your fossa ears are a hunter's best friend. They can help you track down your favorite snack...lemurs.

Giant tree frog arms - Your sticky fingers are actually giant tree frog toe pads. They help you cling to trees and climb vertically anywhere you want.

Siberian tiger legs - You are a very hairy tiger. Siberian tigers have thicker and longer hair than most tigers because they live in Siberia, where average temperatures get as low as -5ºF. Good thing you have a warm coat.

Monarch butterfly wings - Your monarch butterfly wings can beat five times per second. Can you flap your arms five times in one second?

This would be a fun writing prompt or jumping off point as well. The website is FREE and user-friendly.

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