Thursday, January 26, 2012

An EXCITING Milestone

This is just a short post to say "THANK YOU" to the followers of my blog. I can't believe that I am almost at 100 super-awesome, wonderfully-fantastic followers. Yahoo!!!! Honestly, I don't feel worthy...but am very happy and uber appreciative. In fact, I check my blog constantly to see if I've made it to 100 yet. Each day it gets closer and closer and closer...last night I watched my blog follower section instead of American Idol. It's kinda like toast, though. You know what I mean-it doesn't pop til your not lookin'
I am going to brag  inform everyone at work that I have almost reached triple digits in the blogsphere. Crossing my fingers that there is a substantial amount of envy appreciation.
I have reports this weekend but will return with some updates of our "MAIN IDEA" and "EVIDENCE" learning goal. It's pretty exciting stuff.

Nothing shows appreciation and merriment like a smurf doing jumping jacks!


  1. I just became your 96th follower! Your blog is adorable!!!


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