Friday, July 13, 2012

Classroom Whimsy

Whimsy. What a delightful word. It sounds so tranquil and fun...

I am linking up with Surfin' Through Second for her classroom theme/inspiration linky party.

I have been inspired to do a classroom theme. I must say, I appreciate the beautiful classrooms and the pulled-togetherness of all the themes I have been oogling, googling, and envying...I just couldn't see myself doing one. Maybe it's because there are so many amazing ideas out there; pirates, gardens, under the sea, beach, camping, rainbow, jungle, owls, apples, polka dots, sports...whew! I can't pick just one that I like more than any other...
{drumroll} BUT that all changed TODAY.
As I was participating in one of my most favourite pastimes, searching tpt, I came across this lovely set: Rachel Lamb has created a "mini" classroom set with a whimsical theme. I immediately fell in love. At first sight. Like on the movies but with a classroom theme instead of a hunky actor.


So, I got excited. And then found these Word Wall letters (which I am going to use for my leveled book bins) also by Rachel Lamb:

Now, I am jumping (literally) up and enthusiastic I actually jump right into an ottoman and tumble around the living room (oops).

Next stop-bulletin boards. I had already asked my principal to order orange and turquoise fadeless paper for the fall. This beautiful picture from Schoogirl Style has inspired me for the borders around my bb:

Absolutely LOVE the layered corrugated borders. They look so ah-mazing. If you haven't yet checked out Schoolgirl Style you must. It's indescribable...Melanie has created the most breathtaking themes imaginable. SOOOOOOO inspirational.

I am not the most craft-oriented person. I try, and I am getting better, but it doesn't come naturally to me. However, I've decided that I simply MUST HAVE some of these lovely poufs in my classroom. I am not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling, but would like to hang my poufs from the corners of some of the bulletin boards and bookshelves. Another thought I had was a pouf bouquet at the front of my room.

I actually watched a youtube tutorial on how to make these and it looks pretty easy...we shall see...I am going to use the same colours as in my whimsical set for the tissue paper. I may even get adventuresome and make my poufs multi-coloured!

We recently painted our kitchen and I decided that the top of our cabinets needed to be lit. I found battery operated strings of mini-mini lights at Amazon for $6 for 7 feet. Can't beat that. Why not throw in a lit up branch, too? And, hey, how about getting a couple of sets of lights and a branch for my whimsy classroom theme? Huh. Inspired by my kitchen cabinets.

These will look so fantabulous in my reading area. Cannot wait. 

I am also going to the fabric store to look for whimsical colour flannel to recover classroom cushions I have had for a zillion years. I am thinking something like this pattern:

...but am not sure.  I will have to play the fabric choice by ear or is it eye. And wallet. I am going to make the covers by tying the front to the back. Basically, you just cut strips along each side of each piece and then tie the front cover to the back. Easy.

For Reading Workshop book bins, I am thinking something that looks like First Grade Fresh's inspiring theme:

Well...that's it for now. I can't actually get into my classroom until the end of August, so right now these are just dreams/ideas. I will, however, spend some of my summer holidays making poufs, printing signs, and ordering lights.

ps Be sure to enter my 200 follower giveaway. There are two prizes of Belkin splitters (instant listening centre) and tpt items from Grade One Doodle Bugs store!!


  1. You must share pictures when the room is up and running. No doubt it will look great.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks! I am excited about trying out a theme. I haven't ever done anything like this before...fingers crossed it turns out :)

  2. What great ideas and I love bright and fun! I guess I am going to have to have Part II of this linky once the school year begins to see everyones classrooms!! Thank you so much for linking up.

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Those are great ideas! I like the colors. For me, I'm thankful for whatever the Dollar Tree has to use as containers or book baskets. Anyway, I can't wait to see your pics. :)


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