Saturday, July 14, 2012

I {HEART} My Techy Nerd Hubster

So MUCH printing to do so little ink. Or at least, that WAS my problem until my in-laws gave me their old printer. Seems they bought a new, wireless laser printer and have no need for this one:

It's full of both colour and black ink. Yay me. Or so I thought until I tried this baby out.
Seems that HP has installed little chips in their ink cartridges that tell the printer they are expired. Huh.
Enter Techy Nerd Hubster...a bing and a bang and some computer code I don't understand=no more probs. He reset the time on the printer itself (it has a memory) so that the printer doesn't know the cartridge has expired.

Fingers crossed it works.
He's watching football and hasn't actually tested it out as of yet...

In my enthusiasm, I ordered these from Ebay. At $15 for 15 colour/black cartridges, including shipping to Canada, I am ready to print my heart out! Which is a good thing, cuz I have lots and lots and lots of printing to do.

Question: What do YOU do when you have copious amounts of printing? I am curious, especially with all the generous/lovely freebies out there.
I also own a regular HP printer and buy ink cartridges online. We had a laser printer but found that it was too expensive to replace toner.
Does everyone else own a laser printer? Inkjet? Any secrets you want to share? So far, I have found EBay to be the most reasonable way to buy ink...

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  1. I'd never thought to use ebay. Great idea.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. It makes a HUGE difference on ink costs. I buy the ones that are a) cheap and 2) ship to Canada...

  2. I wish I had a nerdy husband. My printer refuses to print when the ink is low! Low, not even out. It's such a scam. However, I still like this printer (a Lexmark) better than the Espon I had before. That printer would go through ink like crazy! So expensive. I have to pick and choose what I print in color. We don't have color printing at my school so it's all up to me if I want color. See, it's these really expensive little things that the general public doesn't think about when they say teachers whine too much about $$!

    1. So true {sigh}. We have to print our own stuff at home if we want colour, too. My friend actually bought two inexpensive printers because it was cheaper than buying new cartridges.

  3. If you can, buy a printer that uses the 3 separate colour cartidges (red, yellow, blue?)instead of just one with colour ink. Apparently it's one colour of the ink (can't remember which one) in the cartridge that runs out really quickly and then the printer will tell you that the cartridge is empty. It costs a bit more more initially but saves in the long run.


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