Thursday, July 26, 2012

Step 2: Inside Shared Journals {check}

I really love the idea of shared journals. I prepared covers for the journals that I'll be using this fall. I made them 1/2 page size and will print, cut, and glue them to coil bound notebooks.
On the inside of each journal, will be instructions for the kids to help remind them what to write about.
I am going to look for 1/2 page blank & 1/2 page lined books but don't hold out too much hope.
Our school does provide this type of journal but I was hoping to get something more special.
I am also going to include a checklist on the back page of each journal so that kids can check their name off as they complete their entry.

Not done yet! Stay tuned...


  1. I like your idea of adding a directions page and checklist! It'll be easy to see who has already written in a particular journal.

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